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Mason / Panday


Job Description

  • Will occasionally be moved around our different locations as needed by their projects
  • Prepares site or surfaces for concrete or masonry work;
  • Reads blueprints, and technical drawings;
  • Builds or repairs structures in construction, or manufacturing setting;
  • Applies grouting or other masonry adhesives; and
  • Lays or installs brick, block, stone, tile, or related masonry material.
  • Builds and constructs using different kinds of woods such as ply wood, lumbers, wallboard to make a strong structure;
  • Builds and constructs according to the design, layout and blueprints;
  • Repairs or reconstructs damage wood portion;
  • Deals with Engineers and foreman regarding with the structure they will make;
  • Estimates the portion or the area to work on; and
  • Examines the woods to be used.
  • Able to pile at least 100 CHB/day


  • Knows how to use Steel Tape
  • Knows how to perform layouting
  • Complete tools for Mason/Panday


Send Bio-Data / Resume at