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Things You Need to Know and We Know You Need

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  • 01. Can I Submit Resume Directly to Office?

    Please note that you must submit your RESUME first by mail or apply directly to our website “Job seeker menu” once we receive your details our concern personnel will review your resume and contact you for preliminary interview.

  • 02. How do I submit my resume?

    To submit your resume go to jobseeker section search and select your field of interest, fill out the required fields, then upload your resume. Once you’ve submitted one of our representative will review your resume, if you are suitable in the position you apply you will received call as preliminary interview.

  • 03. I’m looking for a job. Can you help?

    Yes! We work with top local and national companies that have openings in your area, and we’re always looking for in-demand candidates to help staff our clients’ temporary and full-time positions we hire for both remote and on-site roles.

  • 04. I was interviewed. Why hasn’t anyone contacted me?

    There may be several possible reasons. Perhaps the position you applied for has been staffed or your experience does not match the client’s specified needs. We have new job openings every day, and we recommend that you keep your resume updated and continue to apply for opportunities that match your skillsets.

  • 05. I’ve submitted my resume. What happens next?

    Our Agency specialist will contact you if your skills and experience meet the requirements of an open position or match what our clients typically look for. We receive new job requests every day, so continue to check back frequently and apply to those that match your background, credentials and interest.

  • 06. How long should I wait before following up?

    If you don’t hear back from an interviewer right away, don’t follow up again until after the interviewer’s deadline has passed. If the date passes and you still haven’t heard anything, send a brief follow-up to remind the interviewer about your qualifications and interest in the open job. After that first follow-up, you can follow-up again every 1-2 weeks up to two more times for a total of three follow-ups. If you still haven’t heard back, you should move on.